Add Panache to Your Home with Custom Window Shades

3 Ways Motorized Window Treatments Add Style and Comfort

Despite the incredible views we enjoy in the Vail Valley and the Colorado mountains, windows still need some type of covering. Coverings help control light, assure a level of privacy, and provide aesthetic enhancement to your home.

As most people know, there are a plethora of options available for custom window treatments. What some people don’t think about are the advantages of powering them. Adding power and remote control of window shades and coverings opens up a world of options to personalize your environment.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn three ways that custom window shades can transform your Vail home.

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A Wealth of Style Choices

You may think motorized custom shades are limited to roller styles, and while that is a popular choice, there are many options available. Our shading partner, Lutron, offers an incredible array of options to fit almost any décor. To start, for roller styles, many materials are available to choose from, and they can block out light partially or fully with sheer, translucent, or blackout fabrics.

But there’s more. Higher-end solutions can add power to drapery tracks, Roman shades, and wood blinds. There is even a vertical drapery option if you like a clear view, as the innovative Lutron Kirbé vertical system lifts drapes vertically instead of horizontally.

Skylights are popular in vaulted ceilings. When too much sun streams in, you can still control these hard-to-reach areas with motorized custom tensioned shades.

Comfort in any Season

Powered custom shades can increase comfort, whether it’s warm or cold outside. Insulating honeycomb shades trap a layer of air in-between the fabric – much the same as double-paned windows do – to hold in heat in winter and cooler air in summer. On sunny winter days, a simple tap on a remote control or app opens up the windows to let light in and add warmth to your home. In summer, lowering shades can tame the hot Colorado sun from overheating the room.

Increased comfort also leads to improved energy efficiency as well. Powered shades are easy to adjust to just the right positions – open, closed, partly down, or whatever positions balance light, temperature, and comfort. That control can also make your heating system work less in the winter, as well as minimize air conditioning use in the summer.

Supreme Control

If you have a moderately sized home, the incredible convenience of precisely controlling motorized custom shades is not only a time-saver, it allows you to manage your environment just the way you want. The options for controlling your shades are manifold. There are handheld remotes and wall-mounted keypads available. A host of control and automation options exist with smartphone app control. If you like using hands-free approaches, you can use your favorite voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa to control individual windows, groups of windows, or the entire house.

Finally, smart automation options allow you to do even more. Schedule your shades to open or close at specific times, trigger them with a light sensor, or have them do your bidding when you leave or arrive at your home. Once you have them in place, the possibilities are endless. What’s more, when you integrate them into a smart home automation system, they can work in unison with your lights, climate, and security systems for even more benefits.

Explore all the possibilities to elevate your home with custom motorized window shades. Cloud 9 Integrated Systems is your local home technology expert serving the Vail Valley and Steamboat Springs, and back up our work with the best post-sale support. To learn more, reach out to our HTA-certified team today or click below to connect with one of our experts for your next project. We look forward to working with you!

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