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What’s the Latest Trend in High-End Home Audio?

Escape to Your Own Private Listening Room

Music is everywhere these days, from elevators to the background music in the grocery store. Chances are you pay little attention to it, and never mind that the playback quality is unlikely to move you.

If you love great sound and music, you’d likely prefer listening to music in a more immersive fashion. Headphones are an option, but not everyone likes to wear them for extended listening sessions. Your car, if equipped with a high-end audio system, might be another, but you should really focus on driving.

For aficionados of high-end home audio in Steamboat Springs, CO, there is a new immersive audio trend – the listening room. While this could be a well-equipped media room or home theater, the listening room concept is more about two-channel stereo audio, with a focus on sound quality and an intimate experience with the music. Read on to see if a listening room is right for you.

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Take Advantage of Smart Technology and Design in your Home Theater

Hidden Technology Lets You Blend the Tech with the Décor

For some people, a home theater is a space that is a smaller replica of a commercial theater, only more luxurious. For some, it might be a tech showcase with visible components, and homeowners may want to show off the state-of-the-art amplifiers, speakers, projectors, and other elements that provide the superb video and audio.

Some people may not necessarily want a dedicated space for a home theater; they prefer a living area that serves other purposes as well. Can you have both in your Edwards, CO home? Absolutely, as there are a variety of ways to hide the technology without compromising performance in your home theater design.

Read on to learn clever ways to hide your home theater technology in style – and have it ready to go when it’s showtime.

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Crestron Control Systems – The Ultimate in Customized Home Automation

For Home Control Your Way, Go with Crestron

Crestron is the oldest name in home automation. For three decades, they have offered state of the art automation systems for both residential and commercial markets.

A key area where Crestron distinguishes itself is in customization. For years, their software tools have allowed control of devices outside their competitors’ reach and an unusually high degree of customization in the control interface and system operation.

The other critical aspect to know about Crestron is scalability. For substantial properties, homes, and compounds, Crestron offers the scalability that most competitors cannot match. One way that the company accomplishes this is by maintaining tight control of all aspects of their product – designing and manufacturing all their solutions across lighting, motorized shading, climate control, and AV systems.

Is a Crestron control system right for your Vail, CO property? Read on to learn more.

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Ease Into the Holiday Season with Home Automation

Take the Stress Out of the Holidays With These Smart Home Features

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with family and friends, and a time to refresh and recharge.  Unfortunately, it can be a time of high stress, too. The shopping, the entertaining, the traffic, and the rush to get everything done can be a little harrowing.

Fortunately, there’s technology that can come to your rescue. If you’re feeling a little stressed about this holiday season in Edwards, CO, take a few moments to relax, and keep reading to learn how home automation can make the upcoming festivities just a little calmer and more peaceful.

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Why Lutron Lighting Control is Smart for Your Business

From Offices to Restaurants, Smart Lighting Control Systems Bring Efficiency and New Capabilities

Most businesses strive to improve their operations by any metric possible – increasing sales, reducing expenses, enhancing products, increasing customer satisfaction and much more. All of these things require constant attention and management, and the work is never complete; there’s always more work to be done.

But some technologies can bring new capabilities and efficiency to your enterprise – and once set up correctly – require comparatively little effort to maintain and pay big dividends over time.

One enterprise-changing technology is lighting control. From professional offices to bars and restaurants, it makes running your premises easier and more efficient. Read on to see how Lutron lighting control systems can help your business in the Steamboat Springs and the greater Vail Valley region. 

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