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One of the best perks of working with Cloud 9 is the smart home integration solutions that our partners offer. Why waste time and energy this Summer when your home can be fully automated? To get the most efficient, easy-to-use technology, Cloud 9 is your ultimate one stop shop. Here’s a few products that our partners love that will make your Summer easier and more entertaining than ever!


Sonnen Energy Solutions


To automate the energy in your home, sonnen is the expert. They design the highest quality technology with the smartest home integration processes. An example of their whole-home energy solutions is their ecoLinx battery technology. This device allows the homeowner to take full control of their energy usage, with all of the perks of being fully customizable and automated. In addition to this, sonnen’s ecoLinx utilizes the cleanest energy available, and even has backup support built in to prevent outages. When others are left without power, the ecoLux will make sure your lights stay on.


Pool and Spa Control


Having a nice, crisp, cold pool is a luxury in the Summer. So, why make it a chore to manage? Cloud 9’s partners are the best in the business, and we have all of your pool and spa solutions when it comes to automating your smart home. From monitoring the temperature remotely, to ensuring that the jets are turned off when not in use, our pool and spa control system will keep you and your family cool, and save energy. Another great feature is the real-time alerts if the temperature drops too low – no more freezing pool water!


Outdoor Entertainment


Being outdoors doesn’t have to be boring. With Cloud 9 and our partners, you have the chance to have some of the most futuristic yet easy to use technology. Better yet, you can have access to all of this from your outdoor living space, patio, or yard. When it comes to outdoor entertainment, the options are limitless. Between music, video, and lighting control, Cloud 9 can transform your outdoor space into a spot your family and friends won’t want to leave. As always, automation is built in from the ground up, so there’s no worries and no stress. 


Summer is officially underway, and don’t forget Cloud 9 has all of your smart home solutions, and impeccable customer service. We work with the best of the best, and you deserve the most efficient, up-to-date smart home technology this Summer. 

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