Crestron Control Systems – The Ultimate in Customized Home Automation

For Home Control Your Way, Go with Crestron

Crestron is the oldest name in home automation. For three decades, they have offered state of the art automation systems for both residential and commercial markets.

A key area where Crestron distinguishes itself is in customization. For years, their software tools have allowed control of devices outside their competitors’ reach and an unusually high degree of customization in the control interface and system operation.

The other critical aspect to know about Crestron is scalability. For substantial properties, homes, and compounds, Crestron offers the scalability that most competitors cannot match. One way that the company accomplishes this is by maintaining tight control of all aspects of their product – designing and manufacturing all their solutions across lighting, motorized shading, climate control, and AV systems.

Is a Crestron control system right for your Vail, CO property? Read on to learn more.

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Ultimate Customization

The Crestron Horizon keypads are an excellent example of the degree of personalization available for automation. To start, the buttons are configurable with large and small versions. A rocker switch can be oriented horizontally or vertically. The keypads can go from single gang to 4-gang configurations, putting an array of custom controls at your fingertips. In an era of touchscreen control, these highly custom buttons offer the tactile feel that many people enjoy. It’s often easier to dim a set of lights with a press of an actual button than running a finger on a slider control on a touchscreen.

As Crestron is found in very high-end installations, aesthetics are critical, too. Horizon keypads come in a wide range of materials and colors, and they include luxurious natural-look material choices like leather, marble, and wood. The Horizon buttons can be LED-backlit with various color choices as well. For the ultimate in design, Crestron offers bespoke services to match décor with materials like metal, custom marble, and engineered stone.

Of course, keypads are just one form of control. Crestron offers high-quality touchscreens as well. Aside from the customizability of the interface, the touchscreens are available in 15 colors. If that’s not enough, the company can mix a custom color to complement your interiors.

Voice Control Your Way

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant with Echo speakers was the first to the market with home control features. Crestron initially partnered with Amazon to bring voice control to its powerful automation system. Google and Apple have followed suit by adding smart home features to their voice assistants; Crestron has integrated all three within their ecosystem, making it easy for you to use smart speakers or smartphones to control your home. Your voice commands will be the same across these systems so you won’t be tied to Google, Apple, or Amazon’s solution exclusively. And every member of the family can use voice control across the devices of their choice.

These are just two examples of the customization and choice that Crestron offers for home control. Cloud 9 Integrated Systems is ready to assist you with all your home technology and automation needs, across the Vail Valley and Steamboat Springs. Reach out to our team today or click below to connect with one of our experts and get started on your custom automated home. We look forward to working with you!

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