Crestron is the Complete Home Control System

From Motorized Shades to Audio, It’s the Comprehensive Solution

You may never have heard of Crestron, but you could call the company the grandfather of home automation. In the past thirty years, the company has introduced a long list of technology firsts that have automated both the most luxurious homes and the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies.

Another important aspect of Crestron is its “vertically integrated” solution. In industry, vertical integration means owning and controlling every critical element of the product, from design to manufacturing to sales. In today’s globalized world, almost no company is entirely vertically integrated, but some, like Apple, control most critical aspects of their value chain. Crestron is much like Apple in that regard.

Similar to Apple, Crestron makes a whole suite of home automation products designed to work seamlessly within their ecosystem. All the major parts of their automation solution are homegrown—lighting, audio-video distribution, motorized shades, climate control and more. This allows the company to target the highest ends of the market – able to tackle the largest and most customized homes while meeting client needs for reliability and security of their complex systems.

Is a Crestron control system right for your Steamboat Springs, CO property? Read on to see why you might want one for yourself.

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Supreme Personalization

Crestron has been a fixture in high-end home automation because the system can be tailored to your usage needs and lifestyle. Crestron systems go beyond the norm with extensive personalization so you can control and interact with your home. Buttons, colors, backgrounds, and navigation paths can be customized in the user interface, making even the most complex home environments easy to control.

Crestron’s new OS 3 update has brought the latest features from smartphone and tablet apps to their home automation apps. It has improved the power of Crestron automation, making it more accessible to users without custom professional programming. Now users can customize their room interface, change backgrounds, present favorite controls readily, and even create their own scenes. The new software has made it easy to create a customized scene for any activity and change it up anytime you want.

A Complete Control Solution

Crestron makes its own lighting control solution, and even offers the latest innovation in that area—tunable white light. SolarSync tailors the color temperature of home lighting automatically during the day to simulate natural light, helping your body keep its natural rhythms. Of course, with the flexibility of Crestron automation, you can automate this to suit your lifestyle, mood, or whim as well.

Crestron also offers automated window treatment solutions. With a wide range of style and fabrics, these treatments can work with modern and more traditional styles. With Crestron smart climate control, lighting, and shading, you can control the environment to the nth degree. Since control all comes from one source, you are assured that all of your smart home solutions share the same “brain” for faultless operation.

In audio and video, Crestron audio and video distribution systems support the latest high-resolution formats for both audio and video. If you want the luxury of all your content present in every space of your home without multiple equipment boxes and remote controls, a Crestron solution is the best option.

Integrator Support

Any proper manufacturer backs up their product with stellar service and support to their distribution channel. Crestron’s True Blue Support for dealers and partners stands out in the industry. It includes trained sales support engineers that can help us design your automation solution and make sure everything works as intended. It’s all backed up by an extensive array of dealer training, materials, and online tools to enable us to design and install the right system for your needs.

Cloud 9 Integrated Systems is ready to assist you with all your home technology and automation needs. We have the industry-leading Crestron solutions, professional installation services, and the best post-sale supportReach out to our team today or click below to connect with one of our experts to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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