Designing Your Smart Home

Think about it – you’ve been on the slopes all day, and you want your house to be nice and toasty when you get back home. So you pull out your smartphone and set the heater to a nice 70 degrees. Or you’ve been working all day, and you know you have to put dinner in the oven when you get home, so you preheat it on the road so it’s ready to go when you walk through the door. Or you get into bed at night and realize you forgot to lock the front door, but all you have to do is press a button from the comfort of your room to lock it. 

These seem like such futuristic abilities, but this is what Cloud 9 does for you. We help design a system that fits your needs perfectly.

Decide what you need, and what you want

Some common goals we see are universal remotes for daily use, smart sound systems to play different songs in different rooms, and smart locks & lights to control things from the comfort of your bed. We also design state of the art home theaters, install full-blown security systems, and create custom outdoor entertainment centers. 

Some design considerations

Choosing your system – The control system is the most important part of the whole process. This is the hub that will connect all of your devices and allow you to operate them at the touch of a button. 

Start with what matters – What rooms do you spend the most time in? What are some of your day-to-day frustrations? Decide what your priorities are, and allow us to help you make them happen!

Dream a little – From home theaters for your favorite films to listening rooms with state of the art sound systems, Cloud 9 has done it all! What room have you always dreamed of making a reality? 


Whatever you decide, we’ve got it all! We can’t wait to join you on your home automation project.

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