Elevate Your Stay At Home Experience

As home life has transitioned into something new in 2020, we want to help improve your experience. Whether that be enlightening you about integrations that would be useful for your work, or informing you about exciting ways that technology can enhance your entertainment! From home theaters to energy automation, Cloud 9 Integrated Systems partners with top of the line products and services to bring you the ultimate custom home technology integration.

Energy Efficiency

For example, sonnen energy automation is a revolutionary clean energy management system that redefines how you power your home. sonnen fully manages your energy usage by adapting to your lifestyle and maximizing your clean energy by balancing the energy you need with the energy you have. After spending months of increased time at home, this intelligent and clean energy system will change the way you live! 

Lighting Control

Customizable lighting control opens you up to a whole new world! Several steps beyond on and off switches and dimmers, lighting control gives you the ability to control groups of lights throughout your home with ease. Elegant, intuitive keypads located in key locations allow you to turn on lights to the perfect level. Lutron offers the next generation of lighting in luxury home automation.

Custom Theater

A dedicated private theater is a room in which the environment has been precisely designed and engineered to provide a premium movie and music experience. Special acoustic treatments isolate the room from outside noise, and measured speaker placement optimizes the audio performance. The projector and speakers are carefully calibrated and, can even be hidden, to maximize the aesthetics and décor of the theater.

Is it time to improve your at-home experience? Cloud 9 Integrated Systems offers full-service residential custom electronics design and integration. Contact us today at 970-761-2352 for more information!


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