Enrich Your Business’s Ambiance with a Commercial Sound System

The Right Background Music Sets the Mood

What’s installed in your business? If you don’t have an audio system, you might be missing a great way to make your enterprise stand out from the rest. Whether it’s a brewery tasting room, a gym, a bar, restaurant, or a medical office, the right background music can set the perfect tone and ambiance you want to convey.

In a doctor’s office, provide a soothing and calming background with music or even a comedy program. If someone is getting dental work done, light entertainment can help distract from thinking about the procedure ahead. In a gym, you likely want to pump up your customers; lively, upbeat tunes get heart rates going, and having the perfect volume helps, too.

In a restaurant, the background audio can completely change the ambiance. If your coffee shop morphs into a brew pub in the evening, you can go from jaunty morning tunes to rock and pop tunes in the evening. If you have TVs showing sports, you can have the audio from the big game play in one area while music flows elsewhere.

Can you do any of this with your current commercial sound system? If your Steamboat Springs, CO business spans multiple rooms and has a large footprint, you need a commercial sound system.

What’s different about commercial sound systems? Read on to learn more.

Audio in Every Space

Standard audio systems don’t tend to work well in commercial environments. The speakers and amplifiers are not always designed to deliver the right performance when speaker wire runs are long. One solution is to use 70-volt systems. These systems pass a higher voltage through wires to power the speakers. Each speaker has a transformer that can step down the power to what the speaker can handle. That way, a large number of speakers can be daisy-chained off of a single wire, and a high output amplifier can drive all of them. The speakers can also vary in size and output to tailor to the space. 70-volt systems are also excellent for outdoor use and are especially useful for indoor/outdoor spaces, like a restaurant with a patio.

The distribution amplifier approach is another option for commercial spaces. A distribution amplifier powers a smaller number of speakers over low voltage speaker wire. This approach is similar to some whole-home audio solutions where the more audio zones you have, the larger the number of distribution amplifiers needed. This option also makes it easy to have different zones playing different content. The bar could have livelier music while the dining room has relaxing background music, and the patio could set yet another mood. It’s up to you.

Easy Control

In any commercial environment, you want an audio system that is easy for your staff to operate daily. There are several choices for that. Sonos systems are known for their ease of use, and you don’t have to use their wireless speakers. The Sonos Connect and Amp product make excellent source units for an audio system connected to one of the options above, bringing a plethora of streaming audio choices to your establishment.

Savant has audio distribution capabilities with audio and video switches that distribute audio in digital form all the way to the speaker, delivering excellent sound quality. This brings Savant’s Apple-like elegance and ease of use, the ability to direct different audio to multiple zones, and potentially the bonus of controlling lights and other automation features for your business. A Savant control solution might be especially useful if you add video in the mix with multiple TVs throughout a bar and patio. The system allows you to expertly manage audio and video feeds of any area you choose.

The key to the right commercial sound system is to assess your needs for today as well as what you may need as your business grows in the future. Cloud 9 is ready to help, with the best solutions, installation services, and post-sale supportReach out to our team today or chat below to connect with one of our audio experts to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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