Structured Wiring

Premium cabling throughout the home

The foundation of home automation is structured wiring – premium cabling throughout the home for data, control, security, audio and video. We will help determine how wires are routed from a central location to all areas of the home. This is what allows you to integrate everything into one simple control interface.

Rack Systems

The primary structure of an installation

Rack installations provide organization by eliminating clutter and exposed wires and simplify equipment storage into one convenient, easy-to-access space. Rack systems are easy to maintain and manage and result in systems that work better, last longer, and require fewer service calls.

Thermal Management

Cooling and ventilation for system reliability

Home media and automation systems can generate a lot of heat and require proper ventilation to stay cool. Overheating can result in the essential components of a system failing, resulting in costly repairs and downtime. We make sure that equipment rooms or cabinets are designed with adequate ventilation and/or cooling to ensure the reliability of your system and help protect against downtime, data loss, and hardware damage.

Power Management

Surge protection and power filtration

When AC voltage irregularities and surges occur in the home, they can negatively impact the electronics over time. Our comprehensive surge and power protection helps protect your investment from major surges as well as minor power fluctuations in the home. Quality components, including power-filtering and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), can help minimize downtime and divert excess voltage.

Data Network

The central nervous system

Smart home communications and control depend on a solid and reliable network foundation. We provide a complete networking solution that ensures robust data security and top speeds everywhere in the home – wired and wireless. Business-class networking equipment satisfies the needs of all network based systems, including telephone, streaming media, security, control system and personal devices that are connected on the network.

Control System

The “smart” brain that makes it all work

The control system is the central piece of the smart home technology. It is the hub that connects all disparate systems into one, making it easy for anyone in the home to operate climate, lighting, audio, video and more in each and every room at the touch of a button. With one unique experience across all devices (including installed touch panels, handheld remotes, tablets, and smart phones) you will be amazed at how simple we make operating your technology.