Head in the Clouds? Let’s Make Your Home Integration Dreams Come True

Summer Time is Smart Home Time!

The summer of 2023 is well on its way and what better way to prepare for summer than investing in home integration technology? We at Cloud9 specialize in turning your home into an accessible, functional, and easy-to-use paradise. Why spend precious summer days troubleshooting tech problems? Why get up from your cozy reading nook to adjust the lights or temperature? Our home integration services begin and end with you in mind. Here are three ways we can help turn your house into a purposefully functional smart home.

Home Energy Integration

sonnen energy is leading the charge in smart home energy integration.  sonnen not only brings energy efficiency to the forefront of their products, but they help provide energy independence from faulty and unpredictable power grids.  By installing an ecoLinx module in your home, it links up all of your devices that draw power and acts as the brain for your home’s power consumption.  This includes smart thermostats, shades, lighting systems and much more.  It tells the power where to go in the most energy-efficient way, all with the ability to monitor from your smartphone.  Save money and help save our climate by switching to sonnen.  


Waste less time finding all of the right switches this summer and spend more time enjoying your home.  Our smart environment controls link up all of your environmental necessities.  Lighting, climate control, and even your pool and spa can be controlled from your smartphone or by voice activation via Josh.ai.  From dawn until dusk, your home can flow effortlessly with you and your schedule.


What better time to entertain than in the summer?  The weather is pristine, the night air crisp, and all the best memories are made.  By integrating your home entertainment systems you are the technological master of ceremonies.  Looking to bring Netflix to the poolside?  Samsung’s The Terrace is the newest, best-in-class outdoor TV.  Boasting 2,000+ nits of brightness and available in three sizes, The Terrace is sure to surpass all of your outdoor entertainment expectations.  Looking to level up your audio game?  Our friends over at Steinway Lyngdorf consistently lead the audio industry.  Be it the booming bass from your favorite action films or the delicate intricacies of a Bill Evans LP, Steinway Lyngdorf allows you to experience audio in its purest form. 

Touch base with our team today and let’s work together to build the smart home of your dreams!

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