Home Security During Summer

Home security and surveillance is not a new topic. However, during Summer is when the majority of home break-ins occur. Due to vacations and routine changes, homes may be left unattended for long periods of time. In order to protect your client’s home and keep their mind at ease, automated home security is a must this Summer. Cloud 9 and all of our partners are pledging to keep your custom homes secure and monitored while your clients and their families enjoy sun-filled Summer vacations. In addition to this, we make it easy to implement a technology-driven, simple-to-use home security system. Whether your client is looking to upgrade their current security or start from the ground-up, Cloud 9 has all of your solutions. 


Video Doorbell Systems


Whether you’re out on a vacation or enjoying a day inside, it’s important to know who is approaching your home. This is especially helpful in scenarios where you may be expecting a fun delivery or a friend. But what if you’re out with your family and someone tries to see if you are home? This could be an example of somebody casing, or searching out your property. With video doorbell systems, you will be notified immediately of any movement. In addition to motion detection, the latest systems offered by Cloud 9 have two-way audio.

This means you can use the microphone on your smartphone to ask the person if they have a delivery, or are visiting someone. You will be able to hear their response loud and clear via your device. Not only can you watch for intruders, but visitors can announce their arrival. That way, even if you’re finishing up your grilling in the backyard, you can respond and let them know you will be there in a minute. No more awkward waiting around and not hearing the doorbell!


Automatic Door Locks


At the end of a long day, the last thing that is on your client’s mind is security. Having the peace of mind that automated door locks bring is priceless. Remotely, your client can set a time for doors to be locked and unlocked. This could ensure overnight security while still having the option to check that the doors are still locked throughout the night via their smartphone. This is also great for vacations, as these solutions can be used from anywhere on the globe! Your client will be impressed at the level of security implemented in their new smart home from day one. The peace of mind that comes with checking to see if you really locked the door before leaving adds value to the home and the easy-to-use technology that is built to last. 


At Cloud 9, we know you care about your clients. They’re like family. Let us take care of the legwork when it comes to all of your smart home needs, especially security. Contact us today to become a partner and learn what the positive reviews are all about! Stay safe this Summer with Cloud 9 and all of our partners.

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