How AI is Revolutionizing Smart Home Technology

Smart Homes and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Convenience is the name of the game these days.  With revolutionary leaps and bounds being taken in the world of artificial intelligence (AI), its translation into smart home technology and integrated systems cannot be understated moving forward.  


What does AI do, really?

AI refers to a device’s ability to take in data and use that data to perform intelligent tasks such as reasoning, pattern-finding, and making predictions.  In the context of a smart home, gadgets or appliances labeled “smart” products employ AI differently based on the product’s specific function.  For example, a smart refrigerator may detect that you are low on milk or that jar of something on the top shelf is about to expire and alert you about it.  Other, more common examples, like smart doorbells, use AI to distinguish whether or not the motion it detects at your door is a real person, as well as whether to alert you about it based on your preferences.  Smart thermostats, lighting, appliances, and voice assistants are all becoming more relevant and accessible to the modern homeowner.  


Why does this matter for my home?

AI-integrated smart home products and systems bring a level of customizability and convenience to your home at unprecedented levels.  In every area of your home, there is potential for smart products to mop up menial tasks like adjusting the thermostat or dimming the lights.  With the smart home market projected to be worth roughly $75 billion by 2025, not only does the investment in smart home integration make sense from a residential perspective, but from a real estate perspective as well. Homes integrated with smart technology may sell faster and at higher prices depending on your area and appraiser.

I want to make my home a smart home. 

We at Cloud9 specialize in integrating every part of your home with you in mind.  From security measures, entertainment, smart environment control, and more, we want to work with you to accomplish your goals.  Contact our HTA-certified team today and let’s get to work!

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