How Smart Home Technology Can Help Aging Homeowners

With homeowners increasingly preferring to age-in-place rather than move in with family or into retirement homes, it is important to understand how home automation can ease this process. Home automation is not just a luxury, it is life-changing technology that can help older homeowners with mobility or memory issues maintain their independence and stay in their home. If you plan to age-in-place, here are some features you should plan to incorporate into your home.

Remote Lighting, Window Blinds, and Climate Control

The last thing someone with mobility issues wants to do is get up to turn off that light they forgot about after they have just sat down. Nor do they want to get up to open or close the blinds or adjust the thermostat. With smart home technology, all that is available at the touch of a button, making these tasks more comfortable for those with mobility impairments. 

Home Surveillance and Auto Locking Doors and Garage

Have trouble making it to the door to let guests in? Home surveillance and auto lock technology can help with that. Use surveillance cameras to easily see who is at the door, and unlock the door at the touch of a button. If you leave the house and can’t remember if you locked the door or closed the garage, you can do so remotely. No more turning around to make sure everything is okay at home. An elderly homeowner who is at risk of injury or illness can also give access to the surveillance feed to a trusted family member or caretaker.

Entertainment Made Easy

A state-of-the-art video and audio system can make watching their favorite movies or listening to their favorite music easier for elderly homeowners. They can use the control panel or a remote device to effortlessly turn on their favorite tunes or relax in their home theater.

Easy User Interface

Our user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Control every aspect of your home automation from our control panel or a mobile device. This is a simple system for someone who may have mobility issues or may have trouble remembering things. They only need to remember one control panel.


Home automation can give independence to homeowners who don’t want to leave their home when they age. If you would like to discuss a personalized age-in-place smart home technology plan for your home, please get in touch with us today.

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