Is Your Family Protected?

Securing your home is one of the most valuable things home automation offers for you and your family. How well do you know your security system? Do you have an action plan in case of an emergency? 

Simply owning a security system is the first step to warding off potential intruders. The presence of a home protection system alone is already going to decrease the risk of having a break-in. In the event that an intruder does break-in, contact sensors are installed on doors and windows to detect if they are open. Motion detectors are installed in key locations for alerts of physical presence. Glass break sensors can also be installed for rapid alert of forced intrusion.

There are several other potential emergencies that a security system provides safety from, quickly. Aside from intrusion, it also offers detection of smoke, gas, water leaks, and extreme temperature in sensitive zones. With monitoring activated, emergency services will respond rapidly if an intrusion or fire is detected.

With cameras in and around your home, you can monitor activities on any device real time, whether you’re in the house or halfway around the globe. Activity is documented on a digital recorder so you can playback at your convenience, as well.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about integrating a security system into your home. At Cloud 9, we are adept at integrating technology that helps keep you and your family safe.  

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