It’s Time to Let Access Control Systems Change Your Life

It’s Time to Let Access Control Systems Change Your Life

In the year of 1921, ambitious inventor C. G. Johnson invented the very first automated garage door. For the first time, automobile drivers could park their cars within the safety of their garage without the menial labor of opening and closing a large door by hand- effectively making entrance and exit a breeze as opposed to a chore. Today, access control systems can offer you a similar upgrade in ease of living in regards to your homestead. Here at Cloud 9, that’s one of our primary goals in serving customers!

Door Entry Systems

When it comes to your front door, one cannot be too careful. Where standard entry systems have been lackluster in the past, modern controllers offer a range of extensive benefits such as intrusion detection, which immediately alerts you (and, if desired, nearby authorities) of things such as forced entering, broken glass and aggressive impact. Furthermore, life safety technology can detect and inform you of gas leaks and open fires.

Automated Door Locks

In today’s age of smartphone technology and cloud sharing, the concept of a “key” is malleable and open to expansion. With the assistance of automated door locks, a plethora of negative possibilities can be entirely eliminated- a misplaced door key, a delivery made by someone otherwise without access. It has never been easier to have complete control of your household, even remotely, with the help of Automated Door Locks. Never be caught lacking in access again

Garage Door Control

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this blog post, garage doors were an immense achievement inconvenience. And yet, this concept is capable of being improved upon. An open garage with the mere tap of a button on your phone or console screen can translate to instant access. Essentially an extension of your door entry system, this feature is vital to having complete, efficient control of your residence. With Cloud 9’s assistance, it has quite literally never been more simple to implement.

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