Lighting Control for Your Home

There are so many benefits to a complete lighting system in your home. Home security and energy efficiency are just the beginning! Keep reading to learn all the ways designing a custom lighting system can benefit you and your family.

The Importance of Light

Lighting is an important design element to consider when building your home. Because flipping a switch is usually one of the first things we do when we wake up in the morning, it’s crucial to give great thought to the placement and integration of light. It plays a very important role in the health and safety of an environment. Light affects the ability to see clearly when preparing food, moving around the room, attending to family members, and more. Just as important, it affects moods and emotions. Home lighting should be comfortable, energy efficient, and easy to control. Proper planning is key to a comfortable, beautiful home. 

Lighting Design

Practically, you need light to see. Aesthetically, light can change an entire room. Picture all the ways that you will use a particular room, and then think about how lighting will be needed. Different activities require different lighting. Reading, watching TV, and game nights are all activities that require different levels of light. And that’s just in the family room! Automation integration allows you to set specific scenes in each room so that you can have total control over the lighting with just the press of a button. This means that you can go from game night to movie night, or from cooking to dinner party, with the tap of your finger. 

Control from anywhere

Having control over your lighting means having control over your home. Automation means that you have the exact amount of light you need, exactly when you need it. Warm up the lights in the evening, or use cooler tones to help wake you up. Increase your energy efficiency while also extending the life of your bulbs. The best part is that you can control your lighting remotely, which increases the security of your home, even when you’re away. 

Don’t wait to set your home up with the best automated lighting system. Cloud 9 can help you get started today on building a luxurious home that gives you the life you’ve always dreamed of. Call us today!

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