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Let Cloud 9 Design Your Dream Home Theater

Just type “home theater design” into an internet search, and you will likely be overwhelmed with the amount of information you can sift through on home theaters. Everything from the nuances of projectors, screens, and sound systems to acoustics, seating, and much more than you will care to read. Of course, you want to be an educated consumer as you dream of the perfect home theater design for your Vail Valley or Steamboat Springs-area home.

If you want a true cinema experience and a dedicated space to enjoy films and other audio and video media with family and friends, it takes planning. There are a plethora of options to consider and Cloud 9 Integrated Systems is ready to help.

The Cloud 9 Integrated Systems team can provide you with expert home theater design services to guide you every step of the way. We work with leading brands in luxury home theater equipment and products like Barco and Cinematech to provide a customized theater that fits your lifestyle, design sense and performance criteria.

Read on to learn more about how Cloud 9 Integrated Systems can help you achieve the home theater you’re always wanted.

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Your Vision

Cloud 9 starts with consulting you about your vision for your home theater. Is it a sleek modern space? Do you want to evoke the traditional movie houses of days gone by? Or will it be a combination home theater and media room for all kinds of entertainment? Based on your goals, we will work with you on seating, capacity, screen and display options, sound system options and more. It’s critical to consider all the elements of what matters to you to achieve the end goal.

Sight and Sound Choices

Often people gravitate toward thinking first about screens and sound systems. Both of these are critical to the cinema and media experience, but several factors heavily influence these choices. What media sources and content will you watch most? What will the seating capacity and arrangement be? What is the physical layout of the space and its location within your home? How will the theater be designed and decorated? Will you want to hide equipment, like the screen, when not in use? All these considerations will help narrow down the choices in displays, screens, speakers, processors, amplifiers, cabling and infrastructure, lighting and much more.

Design and Process

After the consultation where we assess your vision, goals, and aspirations for your theater, we move forward to preliminary design. With computer-aided design technologies, we can even show you a rendering of what your theater will look like. Not only do you get to take advantage of our experience and expertise with dozens of theaters, but we also work with top-end suppliers like Cinematech for state-of-the-art home theater seating, acoustics and lighting options. Other suppliers like Barco – a longtime leader in high-end projectors – also provide us design assistance to assure that the equipment and setup are perfectly matched to your customized theater.

Once all the choices are made, we manage your project to completion. That includes working with designers, trades, and other professionals to bring your Steamboat Springs home theater to life. We install the networking and cabling infrastructure that your theater will need, as well as specifying and installing all the equipment required. We also professionally calibrate your image and sound as well as program your control system for intuitive and straightforward operation of your new theater. There are several other details in the process that need to be addressed, but no need to worry! We take care of all the small details so you don’t have to.

To get started on the home theater of your dreams, reach out to our expert design team today or chat with us below to connect with our team quickly. We look forward to working with you!

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