Lutron Palladiom Allows You to Elegantly Control Light

Create a Radiant Home with Lutron Lighting and Shading Solutions

Sometimes technology and aesthetics don’t mix well. More likely than not, you can think of a technology product that was an incredible innovation, yet its looks and design left much to be desired. Ford’s Edsel is a product forever linked with failure. The car itself wasn’t terrible and was technically advanced for its time, but it failed miserably – because most people found it ugly.

Some companies manage to get it right almost all of the time. Apple is one such company; it has always placed a strong emphasis on design as well as technology and innovation. What good is technology if it doesn’t look good, too?

Your home is a personal space and a reflection of you. The technology in your home should personify your sense of style and design. If you are design-conscious and appreciate the nuances of products that look as good as they work, you’ll understand the value Lutron Palladiom lighting and shading control can bring to your home in Avon, CO.

Automated lighting and shades can bring incredible convenience and luxury to your Colorado home. With Lutron’s Palladiom, those benefits come with a heavy dose of stylish looks too. Keep reading to learn more.

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Precise Lighting Control

Lutron is a company practically synonymous with lighting control. Beginning with their invention of the first solid-state dimmer in the 1950s, the company has developed a complete line of lighting control solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Among the commercial properties where Lutron rules lighting is the iconic New York Times building in Manhattan.

For home use, Lutron offers a complete range of solutions able to manage one room or a multi-building property. Lutron systems like RadioRA2 are an excellent option for a new or retrofit installation, requiring minimal wiring and utilizing the company’s ClearConnect radio frequency technology for responsive and precise control of different types of lighting.

Refined Design

Aside from making the most sophisticated lighting solutions, Lutron also understands that design is critical in high-end homes. The Lutron Palladiom line of controls exudes Apple-like design and combines technology, aesthetics, and powerful automation features. Palladiom keypads feature beautiful colors and finishes, large engraved and backlit buttons, and a look that appears to be hewn from a solid piece of material. The keypads are available in 1 to 4-gang widths with up to four buttons per pad. The buttons are fully programmable for individual or a bank of lights, a room, a custom scene, or any lighting scenario you could want.

Palladiom Shading

Lutron looks at the management of light holistically. The company not only makes lighting control solutions, but they have several lines of automated shades. Deftly controlling both natural and man-made light is part of Lutron’s mission. The Palladiom automated shading system is Lutron’s latest addition to the line. Just as they have done with Palladiom lighting controls, the Palladiom shades are elegant, simple, and incorporate unseen technology for high performance. For example, Lutron makes the industry’s quietest electric motors, and they even sell them to other companies for other shading applications. The simple shade design is industrially elegant—they are made for exposed applications and look good from every angle with no facias, pockets, or recesses needed.

The combination of Lutron lighting and shading control lets you expertly manage the mountain light in Colorado. Block out the heat of the sun during the summer days and raise the shades to enjoy the view in the evening. Your lights and shading can adjust based on sunlight, temperature, schedules, or scenes that you create. Aside from using Palladiom controls, you can issue voice commands or use an app on a smart device. Lutron is also known for smart home integration, and their products work well with comprehensive home automation solutions.

If you enjoy the elegance of simplicity and the power of technology, Lutron Palladiom is your solution for controlling the light in your home. To learn more, reach out to our HTA-certified team today or click below to connect with one of our experts for your next project. We look forward to working with you!

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