New Home Technologies In 2020

As we make our way through a new year and new decade, it gives reason to check out the new technologies that have recently come about! Specifically, to what you can integrate into your home, we are going to check out some of the hot items on the market right now and how they’re performing!


Savant Entry Service

From anywhere in the world, you can monitor and communicate to any entry access point through your mobile device. With on-demand video history, moment’s notice surveillance, answering functions, night vision, and more! Savant is smart, seamless, and secure. 

Sonos Smart Speakers 

Enjoy rich bass and a wide soundstage with Sonos speakers. They adapt the sound for where you are and what you are listening to, offering the ultimate custom experience! Play where you want, when you want. Set up your perfect surround system, all from your phone.

Lutron Lighting Control

Lutron’s superior light control enhances the many facets of your home and workplace. Find inspiration through rich visualizations with Lutron design. Lutron offers dimmers that don’t require special wire temperatures or adjustments. The dimmers give you the flexibility to control the quantity of light your fixtures provide, improving your experience and saving wasted energy!


Check out these high-end home automation products, you won’t be disappointed. At Cloud 9, we can help you get started!

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