Outdoor Entertainment Done Well

Outdoor Entertainment Done Well

Outdoor entertainment can be all-consuming. Whether you’re starting from the foundation up or adding on a new addition, everyone would love a new outdoor entertainment area. Trying to design and build an immersive, modern outdoor entertainment space can sometimes be a challenge. The solution? Cloud 9. We’re one of the top leaders in the custom home building industry, and we’d love to share some of our solutions for custom, smart homes that will impress your clients, and their guests.

Custom Outdoor Lighting

Furthermore, outdoor entertainment, if done well, goes far past the sunset. To combat the darkness, a great outdoor lighting system is a must. Thanks to one of our closest partners, Bliss Lighting Co, achieving the highest quality outdoor lighting is easy. Using their expertise you can share your client’s vision and Bliss will deliver. They use modern smart technology to craft uniquely framed lights, fixtures, and sculptures. Every piece is fully customizable and fitted with the latest in smart home tech for ease and automation. Their skilled artisans and technicians give us, and you, their word – the perfect solution, every time.

Music To Our Ears

Understandably, one of our favorite parts of hosting a gathering is the music. If live music isn’t on the agenda, you may as well have the next best thing. Premium outdoor speakers can provide not only the best sound, but they can add a visual element to the space. High quality, crisp, clear sound makes it feel like your clients and their guests are live in concert. Keep the party going with Cloud 9’s high-tech outdoor speakers. In addition to our sound systems, our top-of-the-line outdoor flat-screen TVs can add to the experience. Don’t forget these premium products are made to withstand the outdoor setting, and the futuristic features speak for themselves.

Undoubtedly, Cloud 9 and our partners are some of the leading experts in the realm of outdoor entertainment, such as Savant, Lutron, Control4, and more. Technology is ever-evolving, but we know one thing that never goes out of style is luxury. Contact us today to create your client’s dream outdoor entertainment space and see why we’re the best in the business.

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