Partner Spotlight: Savant Systems

We’re proud to partner with Savant Systems to bring you the latest in home automation technology. Keep reading to learn what Savant has to offer you!

What is Savant?

Launched in 2005, Savant is a luxury home automation system that is a pioneer in personalization. It’s full line of smart home system automation options that cover the whole home – including climate control, shades, home theater, whole home audio, speakers, entry services and lighting. The system seamlessly integrates with other smart home products, and is able to be controlled by both iPhones and Androids through the app. This system requires less technical support and maintenance than most other systems on the market and monitors energy in order to use less.

Savant Remote

The Savant remote sets this company apart. It is a universal remote that controls the whole house via bluetooth. Its sleek design connects gives you complete control in the palm of your hand. The touchscreen on the remote is able to be personalized to display layouts for favorite channels, commonly used scenes, and more. It boasts voice control and Siri compatibility. One touch of the remote can activate the Home app on any TV screen for full screen control. Set different user profiles for the whole system and switch between them for a fully customizable experience.

Savant has something for everyone, and they escalate luxury to a whole new level. For the ultimate automation experience, contact Cloud 9 today to have it installed in your own home.

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