Trust Your Home’s Automation to a Certified Company

Why HTA Certification is Important

Is this the year you’ve decided to build the automated home you’ve always wanted in Vail? Whether it’s a remodel of your vacation home or a new build for your retirement dream home, any large project is the perfect time to add the latest smart home features.

As you look into service providers to help you build your home, typically you rely on people with the right skills, experience, and certifications. Professionals like architects pass exams and must complete specific educational requirements; others like interior designers and builders have professional organizations that they often belong to that bolster their credentials.

In our technology integration business, the certification requirements vary. For some types of work, like electrical, specific licensing is required. But other areas of this business don’t require licensing or even minimum education. While that doesn’t mean that technology integration is “fly by night” or that there are no ways to obtain the right training and credentials, it does mean that there are relatively few barriers to entry.

For that reason, Cloud Nine Integrated Systems has chosen to be an HTA certified company. HTA stands for Home Technology Association, and they are the industry’s only certification body. Read on to learn more about what this means, and why you should choose a certified company for your Vail Valley home automation project.

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What is HTA?

HTA is an organization that was established to create standards of service and expertise in the home technology integration industry.  The goal of HTA is to enable you – as a homeowner, builder, architect, or designer – to find the best companies to build technology solutions for your projects.

What Does Certification Involve?

HTA’s certification requirements are rigorous, requiring over 60 criteria that must be met for technology integrators. Some of those hurdles are:

  • Three years of successful business performance
  • stellar reputation
  • Demonstrated history of technical competence
  • Current liability insurance coverage at least $1 million
  • No bankruptcy filings  in at least the past five years
  • Background checks for employees
  • Endorsements from at least three manufacturers
  • Endorsements from at least three local industry professionals
  • Endorsements from at least three design/build professionals

All of these requirements serve to assure you that you are dealing with a professional firm that you can count on and that when we say we can do something, we can.

What Does It Mean for You?

HTA certification takes time, money, and resources.  It means that Cloud 9 Integrated Systems is part of a professional organization recognized by industry peers for excellence in our work.  As with any other profession, you want to know that you are working with a company that has the training, skills, and experience make your project successful.  Whether you are looking for a home theater, a lighting control system, or a smart security system,  you can rest assured you are dealing with a serious, professional company – and our HTA certification is the proof.

Reach out to our team today or click below to connect with one of our experts for your next project. We look forward to working with you!

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