Upcoming Tech Trends

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is becoming more popular as people realize the benefits of it. The convenience of turning lights on and off remotely, setting them to turn on right before you get home, or when the sun goes down, has drawn more attention. The automation ability of lights allows them to be changed depending on the time of day, weather conditions, climate, etc. These lights also tend to be longer-lasting and energy-efficient. 

Smart Home Security & Monitoring Systems

The current and future capabilities of home security are gaining variety as other technologies are getting involved. This includes smart cameras, locks, sensors, and surveillance. The ability to control and monitor home security is driving more and more people to explore these systems. 

Automated Kitchens

Kitchens are becoming more automated as new technologies are being added into appliances. Now, rather than just setting your coffee pot to go off at a certain time, you can grind the beans and brew a pot from your phone at any moment. Refrigerators are being created to show you what’s inside without even opening the door. Touchless sinks can tell you if the water is too hot before you turn it on, or measure out a cup of water with the sound of your voice. Technologies are helping reduce food waste and cut back on energy consumption, and the demand will continue to rise in the new year.


Whatever you’re dreaming up for your home in 2021, technology is quickly catching up, and in many cases, getting way ahead! We look forward to serving our customers well in the new year.

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