Upgrade Your Conference Room by Going Wireless

Crestron AirMedia is the Solution for the Missing Cable

Imagine this: a conference room is full of people, and a presenter wants to connect to the display or projector in the room. While a cable is available to connect, the presenter has a Mac instead of a Windows laptop. The cable doesn’t match the Mac’s video output. A mad scramble ensues for the right cable or an adapter, and one of two things happens: the correct cable never materializes, or 12 people are looking at a PowerPoint presentation on a 13-inch screen.

Another dreadful scenario: the presenter has an iPad or Android tablet. There is no cable to connect to the wireless device. “Do you have a wireless way to connect,” the presenter inquires? In both of these scenarios, valuable time is wasted trying to figure out how to begin a meeting.

Don’t be that conference room in Vail or anywhere else in Colorado, for that matter. There is an easy solution, though: Crestron AirMedia. AirMedia is a wireless conference room solution that lets any device connect to your room’s AV. Keep reading to learn how you can make meetings much more productive.

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Wireless High Definition Presentation

It’s becoming a wireless world, and Crestron, a longtime pioneer in home and commercial automation, wants to make the cable hunt a thing of the past. AirMedia uses standard wireless protocols, allowing a presenter to walk into your conference room and instantly share and present content. PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, PDF documents, photos, videos and more are easily shareable. Macs, PC laptops, Chromebooks, and iOS and Android devices alike are all welcome in the Crestron conference room.

AirMedia is flexible and powerful. Up to 32 users can connect wirelessly at the same time in a room, and using the Quad View feature, four screens can share simultaneously on the display. For larger meetings, Remote View feature handily offers up to 40 participants a way to log in via a browser and view the presentation.

There are no dongles, other adapters or cables to plug in. AirMedia uses the same wireless LAN protocols that are supported by any mobile device. And audio is not forgotten either; it will be transmitted, too, without any separate connections.

Enterprise-Level Management and Performance

For larger organizations that need it, AirMedia can conform to existing IT security policies and practices. A desktop application can be distributed to staff for simple connectivity. Mobile apps for major platforms exist as well for easy connections.

A few other details make AirMedia the right choice for business. AirMedia consumes network bandwidth wisely for smooth data flow in Wi-Fi networks. Videos can play smoothly without hogging all the bandwidth in the room. The system is also designed with low latency, so if you change a number on the presented spreadsheet, there won’t be an annoying lag before everyone sees in on the main screen.

How Do You Get It?

Crestron AirMedia is integrated into Crestron automation hardware. The compact AM-200 module can add wireless connectivity to conference rooms and even make open lobby areas productive meeting spaces. The all-in-one Crestron Mercury system also includes AirMedia connectivity. Free, downloadable desktop and mobile apps connect all popular devices to the system. Cloud 9 Integrated Systems is proud to serve clients in the Vail Valley and Steamboat Springs areas with the best conference room automation and AV solutions. Let us help you banish connection cables from your meeting spaces. Contact us using our online form or click below to connect with our team quickly. We look forward to working with you!

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