Upgrading Your Sports Viewing Experience

With COVID eliminating any chance of attending your favorite sports games, it’s important that the place you watch your team is decked out in the latest technology. Whether it’s your man cave, your living room, or your backyard, Cloud 9 is here to give you the ultimate sports viewing experience.

Picture & Sound

The obvious first step is upgrading your picture and sound quality. State-of-the-art surround sound can make you feel like you’re actually in the stadium, hearing the announcers from all sides. Acoustic treatments can contain sound within the room, and eliminate sound coming in from outside. We can put all of the best games on your screen at once, and make sure that it’s the best possible quality. You won’t miss a beat by staying home to watch.

Set the Scene

We can also help you set the scene. Motorized window treatments can block out any unwanted light with just the push of a button. Our lighting systems can be controlled precisely to give you the best viewing experience, no matter the time of day. We can even install the most comfortable theater seats so that you’ll never want the season to end. Your friends will be amazed when they come over to kick back and join you on the sofa!

Cloud 9 is here to give you an immersive viewing experience, all controlled by a touch screen or app. Let us do all the work so that the only reason you’ll have for leaving your seat is to get more snacks! 

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