Why Lutron Lighting Control is Smart for Your Business

From Offices to Restaurants, Smart Lighting Control Systems Bring Efficiency and New Capabilities

Most businesses strive to improve their operations by any metric possible – increasing sales, reducing expenses, enhancing products, increasing customer satisfaction and much more. All of these things require constant attention and management, and the work is never complete; there’s always more work to be done.

But some technologies can bring new capabilities and efficiency to your enterprise – and once set up correctly – require comparatively little effort to maintain and pay big dividends over time.

One enterprise-changing technology is lighting control. From professional offices to bars and restaurants, it makes running your premises easier and more efficient. Read on to see how Lutron lighting control systems can help your business in the Steamboat Springs and the greater Vail Valley region.

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Bars and Restaurants

Lighting control sets the right ambiance for your establishment for any time of day. At lunchtime, brighter lighting creates an atmosphere for upbeat social and business lunches. In the evening, dimming the lights to warmer tones creates a more relaxed setting for dinner and drinks. All of this is easily automated with Lutron lighting controls on programmable keypads or an app on tablets and smartphones.

When it’s closing time, the last person out can push a button to turn on overnight lighting; this may leave some lights on for security but turn all non-essential lighting off. This maximizes energy efficiency and extends the life of your fixtures.

Conference and Meeting Rooms

The right lighting makes for more productive meetings. In conference rooms where presentations are often shared, precise dimming is essential for a comfortable setting that allows for easy viewing of screens while also being able to see the people around the room. For video conferences, controlling the light allows teleconferencing cameras to capture a natural setting without undue darkness or washing out the video feed with excess light.

Lutron motion sensors can integrate into office and conference room light switches. When motion isn’t detected for a time period, lights will automatically switch off for efficiency. With Lutron’s sophisticated commercial control systems, all manner of schedules and other triggers can manage lighting as well. Your office will maintain the perfect work environment throughout the day and efficiently use energy.

Spas and Health Clubs

Spas, gyms and health clubs are places that benefit from lighting that can energize or relax – lighting control can make or break these environments. Warm, dim light creates the ambiance for a soothing massage or a soak in the heated spa. In spin classes, the latest trend is for light that pulses in coordination with the music. The latest LED lighting is also capable of changing colors, which adds another dimension to high-energy fitness classes. Lutron lighting control can coordinate all of it, with programmable scenes for any activity in your health establishment. You can even vary the color hues of white light from cooler to warmer tones to create the right level of illumination for all your rooms. Cloud 9 Integrated Systems is an expert in Lutron lighting control systems for both commercial and residential applications, with years of experience serving Steamboat Springs and the Vail Valley. We stand ready to serve you with professional lighting design and installation services, as well as exemplary post-sale supportReach out to our team today or click below to connect with one of our experts to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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