5 Tips for Maximizing Energy Efficiency with Smart Home Automation this Summer

Maximizing Energy Efficiency with Smart Home Automation

School’s out, the flip-flops are on, and energy bills are up.  While summer may not technically start until June 21, many of us are already feeling the heat in more ways than one.  Are you looking for ways to save on energy this summer?  Increasing energy efficiency by automating your smart home works wonders not just for your wallet, but for the environment too.  


Lighting Controls

No more worrying about whether you left that bedroom light on when on vacation.  Controlling your entire home’s lighting via your phone offers a myriad of benefits.  Adjusting your home’s lighting to your routine means that you can automate when and where your lights are active based on your daily schedule.  

Smart Thermostats

Similarly to lighting controls, smart thermostats give you the ability to set routines for heating and cooling as well as the power to control different sections of your home from one central location.  The ability to monitor your home’s heating and cooling at any given time or place gives you a good idea of your home’s energy usage. 

Smart Shades

Reducing solar heat gain in your home during the summer with motorized window shades is an excellent way to reduce A/C costs.  Managing the summer heat in style is a cinch with the numerous window treatments we offer.  

Replacement Windows

Windows and subsequent heating gain or loss are responsible for roughly 25-30% of residential energy use.  Updating or replacing your current windows is a great way to make your home more energy efficient.  If your windows are in good shape, updating them with energy-efficient window coverings or solar control film can increase efficiency and keep your home comfortable.  If replacing windows, be sure to get energy-star-rated windows for top-of-the-line energy efficiency and minimal indoor heat loss/gain.   


sonnen is leading the way in smart home energy management and monitoring.  Their ecoLinx product gives you a long-lasting form of clean energy storage and independence from faulty municipal power grids.  Furthermore, monitoring your home’s energy usage with sonnen let’s you see which appliances are drawing the most power and prioritize different appliances over the others.  So, if the power goes out, you can set your reserve power to be directed toward the freezer and refrigerator, which are essential, and set the washer and dryer to a lower priority.  

Let’s Get To Work!

Automating your home this summer benefits your living space, wallet, and the environment we live in.  Touch base with our team of experts today and let’s take the next step in energy efficiency together!

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