About Us

Who We Are

We are a full-service residential custom electronics design and integration company. Our smart home technology solutions make your home safer, more user friendly and aesthetically appealing . Our team’s number one priority is providing our clients with the best products and services that can be obtained in our industry.

We strive to provide the highest quality, proven products while keeping budget in mind. We love creating systems that are rock solid, easy to use and at the cutting edge of technology.

Team Cloud 9

Cloud 9 takes the “Team Approach” in the planning of every new home. We believe that no one person is an expert at everything and multiple disciplines will maximize interior livability and exterior style.

As an integral team member during the planning phase, Cloud 9 considers it our responsibility to closely monitor and track progress at every step, and, most importantly, to see that budgets are considered by everyone (architect, designer, builder and homeowner) as we proceed. When we know of new or alternative materials, or if specialists are needed, we will not hesitate to suggest them.

The “Team Approach” to planning also ensures that each team member’s perspective is adequately considered. From experience we know that all persons involved bring a different—and sometimes more pragmatic—view to the planning and design of a home, which can increase its value and almost always improve its livability.

Our Mission

To creatively design, engineer, document and install state-of- the-art entertainment, life-safety and environmental control systems for large scale residences at a fair price.

Our Values

We honor a commitment to excellence and quality in our work and our relationships with those that we work with.

Our Solution

To consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and achieve a leadership role as a company preparing ourselves and our clients for new and evolving technologies.