Master the Light with Automated Custom Window Treatments

Add Efficiency and Style to Your Vail Home

If you live in Vail, you are fortunate – there are no shortages of fun things to do during any season of the year. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to hiking and biking in the summer, exploring the Colorado Rockies is easy to enjoy.

Vail is also a town known for beautiful, stylish homes that often afford stunning views of the mountains, the valley, or the Eagle River. The weather in the mountains can change on a whim, and it’s not unusual to go from a 55-degree high to the teens overnight. In that sense, the stylish homes need to be ready for anything the weather brings.

One way to be ready for all the Vail sunshine – or the occasional lack of it – is with custom window shades. Custom shades let in the sunlight to warm the house but can also help insulate windows on bleak, wintry days and nights. With automation, managing the weather and the changing light is a snap.

Want to learn more about how custom window shades can benefit your Vail home? Just keep reading.

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Increased Comfort

The sun is much warmer with the thinner atmosphere at Vail’s altitude. The sun can often make the inside of your home uncomfortably warm for a good part of the day, but with automated shades, you can protect your home from solar heat gain at the warmest parts of the summer days. In the evenings, you can preset your shades to automatically rise at sunset so you and your family can enjoy the night’s light.

Greater Efficiency

Lighting and climate control are the big energy consumers in many homes. With motorized window treatments, you can have just the right balance of natural and artificial light in your house all day long, ensuring you limit your energy consumption throughout the day, as needed. On sunny winter days, you can flood your home with natural light. By choosing custom insulating materials, your shades can also keep the house warmer on snowy gray days, saving on energy costs.

For the ultimate in efficiency, you can have motorized shades, smart thermostats, and a lighting control system all tied together with smart home automation. Your home will always maintain the optimum level of comfort and efficiency, whether you are home or away, and without you needing to manage it.


In custom automated window shading, Cloud9 Integrated Systems works with two companies known for the high quality of their products: Lutron and Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas is a name well-known to interior designers for a broad range of window treatment styles and fabrics. With the PowerView system, they have brought the convenience and efficiency of motorization to their vast array of fashionable styles. All Hunter Douglas window treatments are designed and custom made to order in the United States, and are backed by warranties and the company’s longstanding reputation for quality.

Lutron is a pioneer in home and commercial lighting control, and offer a wide collection of automated window treatment styles as well. Their motorized styles include pleated and Roman shades, wood blinds, and their innovative Kirbé drapery system, which pulls fabric up vertically rather than horizontally like traditional motorized drapes. The Kirbé system maximizes your windows and the beautiful Vail views. Lutron’s lighting and shade control products also integrate well with a variety of home automation systems, offering many methods to manage your window treatments.

Get the most out of your Vail Valley home in any season with custom automated window shades. Reach out to our team today or click below to connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!

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