Partner Spotlight: Crestron

Cloud 9 is proud to partner with many incredible companies to provide top-quality home automation to our clients. One of our incredible automation partners is Crestron, who provides much of the cutting edge technology that makes home automation possible.

Who is Crestron?

Crestron was founded in 1972 and has innovated in automation technology ever since. They strive to create solutions that make everyday life easier, and increase productivity and efficiency. Crestron provides solutions to many different industries. Crestron products can be found around the world in government buildings, military facilities, lecture halls, boardrooms, and residential properties. All Crestron products are proudly designed and made in America.

Crestron Products for the Home

Crestron features an impressive roster of products that are the top-of-the-line in home automation technology. Here are just a few examples:

  • Audio Integration
  • Home Conferencing
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Window Shade Automation


Cloud 9 is proud to partner with a company like Crestron, who constantly innovates to take automation technology to the next level.  If you’d like more information on how we can incorporate Crestron technology into your own home, contact us today!

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