The Future of Energy (Savant Power)

The future of energy consumption is here.  Gone are the days of total reliance on a spotty power grid.  With Savant, you can customize and monitor every detail of your home’s power consumption profile. Savant Power solutions offer a unique way to have full control and protection of your home power consumption.  

Typically, your home receives power from the grid and it is routed through your electrical panel.  From the panel, it powers your home, but it does not tell you what’s getting power or how much.  Furthermore, in the event of a grid outage, all of your essentials will be without power.  Yes, you may have a separate critical load panel for extra security, but it still may only support part of your home.  Their team aims to usher in a new way to customize and protect your home power consumption.  

Installing a Savant Power module on your existing home electrical panel allows you to monitor and decide how much power is used and where it goes in your home.  This system allows you to reach your whole home with power in the event of an outage.  Paired with the Savant App, monitoring and directing your home power consumption has never been easier or more efficient.  

The best part about the Savant system is that it works with your home’s existing electrical panel.  No proprietary nonsense is required.  If you’re sick of relying on a fragile and undependable power grid, now is the time to take the next step in your personal energy independence with Savant.  To contact Savant’s team, click here.  To contact our team at Cloud9, click here

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