5 Creative Ways to Use Lighting Scenes in Your Colorado Home

Lutron Lighting Control Systems Make Life Easier

Lighting control systems are considered a great way to be green, efficient, and save energy. Leaving on lights that don’t need to be on wastes both energy and money. But there’s more to lighting control than efficiency. Lighting control can add flair to your home’s aesthetics, as well as add convenience and luxury. To bring all of these elements together in your Colorado home, use lighting scenes.

Cloud 9 Integrated Systems works with Lutron for lighting control solutions because of their decades of leadership and outstanding performance in the industry. In this blog, we’ll explore creative ways to use scenes with a Lutron lighting control system in your Vail, CO home.

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Lighting Scenes, Explained

If you’re not familiar with a lighting scene, it’s simple. Scenes allow for the ability to set multiple light fixtures to precise brightness levels for a specified bank of lights, a room, or a whole house. With Lutron, this capability extends to motorized shades, too, raising them up or down to give you even more control over lighting in a space.

You might imagine this feature is convenient to control the many fixed lights in your home, but with Lutron, you can incorporate lamps and other lights into a scene with lamp dimming modules. By including all your lighting in the mix, you can create the ambiance you prefer.

Useful Lighting Scenes

Lighting scenes can serve many purposes. They can provide a measure of security, help save energy, set the ambiance for entertainment, and more. Here are some of our favorite scenes:

  • “Emergency”: If a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm goes off, you can program your system to turn on specific lights in your house to assist in lighting the way to the quickest exit. You can also turn on particular lights outside so that responders can quickly find your home, which can be especially useful if you live in a particularly dark area.
  • “The Unexpected Night Sounds”: If you hear an unusual sound at night and suspect something, one button can turn on the lights throughout the house and outside. If someone is intruding, they can be startled, and you can also see what may be going on outside – whether it was a raccoon or something else.
  • “Holiday Lights”: Efficiently manage your holiday lights with lighting control, turning them on and off effortlessly at your preferred times. Never have the lights shining during the day because you forgot to turn them off, or the finicky mechanical timer didn’t work.
  • “Outside Lights”: Manage your outside lighting intelligently year-round, and never return to a dark house. You can set your outdoor lights to come on at sunset and turn off at sunrise automatically. With Lutron’s astronomical clock capability, the times will automatically adjust throughout the year.
  • “Movie Night”: When you’re ready to settle in to watch a movie or catch a TV show, one button can dim the lights in the room to the optimal viewing levels. The same scene can also keep a hallway light on and the nearest bathroom, as well as enough lighting in the kitchen area to grab a drink or snack.

A Lutron lighting control system is a smart solution that works for you every day. Cloud 9 Integrated Systems is your local home technology expert serving Steamboat Springs and the Vail Valley. We back up our work with the best post-sale support. To learn more, reach out to our HTA-certified team today or click below to connect with one of our experts for your next project. We look forward to working with you!

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