Crestron AirMedia is the Solution for the Missing Cable

Imagine this: a conference room is full of people, and a presenter wants to connect to the display or projector in the room. While a cable is available to connect, the presenter has a Mac instead of a Windows laptop. The cable doesn’t match the Mac’s video output. A mad scramble ensues for the right cable or an adapter, and one of two things happens: the correct cable never materializes, or 12 people are looking at a PowerPoint presentation on a 13-inch screen.

Another dreadful scenario: the presenter has an iPad or Android tablet. There is no cable to connect to the wireless device. “Do you have a wireless way to connect,” the presenter inquires? In both of these scenarios, valuable time is wasted trying to figure out how to begin a meeting.

Don’t be that conference room in Vail or anywhere else in Colorado, for that matter. There is an easy solution, though: Crestron AirMedia. AirMedia is a wireless conference room solution that lets any device connect to your room’s AV. Keep reading to learn how you can make meetings much more productive.